Access to, and work in underground locations and other confined spaces course (cs/01)

Course Aim(s):
To enable delegates to identify, access and control of entry into confined spaces

Suitable for / pre-requisites:
All delegates who are required to carry out work in confined spaces.
All delegates must have a good reading, writing & conversational command of engish to B1 standard as specified in the National Assessment Standards. All delegates must sign health declaration.

1 day (PM day is training at a confined space)

8 delegates

Wilbar Training Centre and Horsham Fire Station

Method of delivery:
Lectures, practical exercises, written assessment entry documents

PPE Required - Each delegate must bring this to the course:

  • Fire retardent coveralls
  • Safety footwear
  • Gloves
  • Hard hat
  • Protective eyewear (safety glasses/goggle)
  • Hi-vis waistcoat or jacket

Benefits of attending:
By the end of this course, delegates will be able to demonstrate:

  • Awareness of dangers within a confined space
  • Knowledge of current legislation and how if affects working practices
  • Issue of confined space entry documents
  • Duties of a top person in a controlled situation
  • Use of an escape set

And have an understanding of:

  • Current legislation covering confined spaces
  • Access to a confined space
  • Safety equipment needed

Course outline:

  • Current legislation
  • Safety precautions and procedures
  • Specified risks
  • Safety in tunnels and deep excavation
  • Safety Harness Awareness
  • Local Authority service sub-ways
  • Work in silos
  • Emergency procedures
  • Duties of issuer of enty documents
  • Duties of top person

Qualifications / Competencies awarded:
Delegate will receive a certificate valid for 3 years stating the delgate has demonstrated safe working procedures in confined spaces as specified in the approved code of practice, regulations and guidance of the confined spaces regulation 1997.

Follow Up Courses:
Delegates are required to attend a refresher every 3 years or following a change in legislation which ever is sooner.