Shunt Vehicle training course

This Shunt Vehicle course is for drivers who do not hold an HGV licence but are required to 'shunt' vehicles etc. around on company premises. Shunter training allows these drivers to drive maximum weight articulated and rigged vehicles on-site only around the business premises.

Courses are conducted on customer premises anywhere in the UK at a date and time to suit you, ensuring any disruption to your working day is kept to an absolute minimum.

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Course Content

The primary aim of this course is to ensure that those required to attend our Shunt Vehicle course understand and comply with the relevant Health and Safety Regulations. This course complies with the Health and Safety Approved Code of Practice.

Course Overview

Our Shunt Vehicle Course covers the following:
  • Pick up & set down laden and un-laden trailers
  • Understanding Business Safety Procedures
  • Employees Responsibilities - Health & Safety at Work
  • Vehicle and Trailer Controls
  • Manoeuvres
  • Reversing
  • Coupling & Un-coupling
  • HSE Workplace Transport Safety
  • Parking