COVID-19 Update

We are continuing to deliver courses in a safe environment. We have social distancing in place and PPE will be provided to all candidates including head visors or masks and alcohol hand gel will also be readily available and regular use will be requested. We have the government track and trace system in place at the training centre and temperatures are taken on arrival. We take the safety of our clients very seriously and will ensure that Government guidelines will be met. We are asking all clients to not send candidates that have or have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days. If you have any queries or concerns please contact us at

We are able to come to your own premises to deliver training, provided you have hand washing facilities and are able to keep all participants at a safe distance apart, please contact us for more info.

Lantra NHSS have released online courses for TTMBC, NHSS 12DT1, NHSS 12DT1T2 and NHSS 12AB, if you are intereset in any of these online courses, please contact us for cost and availability

Our Current Availability

Below is our current availability at our training centre in Broadbridge Heath, for courses to be run at your venue please contact us for dates and prices:

All prices include registration certificates and cards or card updates.

New Roads and Street Works Act Courses:

NRSWA OPERATIVES O1 / SUPERVISORS S1 - Signing, Lighting & Guarding - £130+VAT per candidate:
18th December 2020 - 4 places
8th January 2021 - 4 places
11th January 2021 - 7 places
18th January 2021 - 5 places
8th February 2021 - 8 places
19th February 2021 - 8 places

NRSWA OPERATIVES LA, O1-O6 - up to and including hot-lay - £660+VAT per candidate: 
15th to 18th February 2021

NRSWA OPERATIVES LA, O1 to O5 & O8 - up to cold lay and modular surfaces and concrete footways - £650+VAT per candidate
18th to 21st January 2021
15th to 18th March 2021

NRSWA SUPERVISORS LA, S1 - S5 & S7 - £600+VAT per candidate:
25th to 29th January 2021
22nd to 26th February 2021
22nd to 26th March 2021

20th January 2021
21st January 2021

NRSWA RE-ASSESSMENTS - ALL OPERATIVE AND SUPERVISOR UNITS - please note that NRSWA Reassessments are changing from the 2nd March 2020 - as Unit exams are now increased, those with full units will be completed over 2 days after this date - cost is £195+VAT for Units up to and including O3 or S3 (1 day course) or £295+VAT per candidate up to O8 or S7 (2 day course).

7th to 8th December 2021 - 1 place
20th to 21st January 2021 - 5 places
8th to 9th March 2021 - 5 places

Lantra NHSS Sector Scheme Courses:

TTMBC - Temporary Traffic Management Basic Course - £145+VAT per candidate:
12th January 2021 - 4 places
15th February 2021 - 6 places

12D T1/T2 - full course from £260+VAT including Smartcard and Log Book or refresher on day 1 of below dates at £145+VAT including Smartcard
13th to 14th January 2021 - 4 places
16th to 17th February 2021 - 8 places

12D T3 - Dual Carriageways
For current availability please contact us here
12D T4 - Convoy Working
For current availability please contact us here
12D T5 - Multi-phase Traffic Signals - £135+VAT per candidate
For current availability please contact us here
12D T6 - Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO) - £230+VAT per candidate
For current availability please contact us here
12D T7 - For Managers and Client Officers - £230+VAT per candidate
For current availability please contact us here

Other Courses

NRSWA Safety, Quality and Compliance Course - 1st and 2nd February 2021 - 5 places available

Please contact us for a friendly chat or no obligation quote, we offer competitive rates and bespoke courses.