Chainsaw Maintenance and Cross-cutting

Training (with Assessment)

Duration Notes: 2 days
Delivery Method: Theory/practical


Give yourself the edge with our two-day course in handling this powerful but dangerous tool.


This is a hands-on course that delivers both practical skills and health and safety guidance.

We keep the training groups small so that you'll receive plenty of individual attention from our experienced instructors throughout the process.

Ideal if you're working on farms, in woodland, on building sites or in conservation, you'll gain the expertise needed to use and maintain a chainsaw.

You'll also learn how to keep yourself protected every step of the way.

The finer details

This is a perfect introduction to expertly handling and maintaining a chainsaw.

This course is for those who don't wish to do the Regulated assessment for a license to practice and has an integrated assessment.

We work closely with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure both the course's content – and the materials we use – are in line with current safe working practices.

You'll learn all the theory needed to use and keep a chainsaw running safely, with key sessions covering saw chain, guide bar, and power unit maintenance.

And you'll gain hands-on experience of starting a chainsaw, run through all the pre-cutting tests and learn the skills needed to expertly cross-cut timber.

Worth noting: Chainsaws are powerful and potentially dangerous tools, so you'll need a minimum level of fitness to be able to complete the practical side of the training.

Who should attend?

This course will be suitable for you if you work in or are looking to work in any of the following industries; Agriculture, Horticulture, Woodland, Local Authorities, Conservation, Construction, Land-based.

Please Note: Due to the nature of the training a minimum level of fitness will be required for specific operations. Whilst we would not want to disadvantage you as a learner, it is an essential requirement.

What will be covered?

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the necessary personal protective equipment required, report on its condition and locate the various standard marks
  • Identify required health and safety features on a chainsaw
  • Prepare the chainsaw for use with the correct fuel/oil mix and chain lubrication
  • Start the chainsaw from both cold and hot in a safe manner
  • Carry out pre-cutting safety tests - and state the procedures if the chainsaw fails these tests
  • State the possible hazards/risks when carrying out maintenance or operational tasks
  • Organise site safety and state the procedures required
  • Identify faults and defects on a chainsaw and decide which you can sort yourself and which will need the help of a service engineer
  • Select and identify the correct tools to enable maintenance and report on their serviceability
  • Carry out all routine maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction book and/or the Lantra Awards workbook
  • Cross-cut timber accurately to required lengths
  • Assess and explain the terms ‘tension’ and ‘compression’ in timber
  • Adopt safe procedures to remove a trapped guide bar
  • Handle and stack timber in a safe manner.