A brief overview of the new roads & street works act 1991

  1. Introduction.

  2. General  :      Services legislation
                            Background to the Act
                            The Highway
                            The Street Authority
                            A brief look at the Act
                            Codes of Practice
                            The Street Works Register
                            The Gazetteer

  3. Co-ordination of Works :    General
                                                    The Notice System
                                                    Streets subject to Special Controls
                                                    Co-ordination of Works

  4. Inspections :  Introduction
                              Inspections and Investigatory Works
                              Sample Inspections
                              Defect Inspections
                              Inadequate Signing, Lighting and Guarding
                              Financial Arrangements
                              Results of Inspections

5. Street Works Licences and Road Opening Consents

6. Section 58 Notices

7. Works in Private Streets

8. Above Ground Apparatus

9. Conciliation and Arbitration

10. Section 74

11. Traffic Management Act 2004