NHSS Lantra Sector Schemes

What are Lantra Sector Schemes?

Sector Schemes are quality management schemes that have been developed in partnership with the highway industry to interpret ISO9001:2015 standards. They are managed by National Highways Sector Schemes committees comprising industry representatives (including the Highways England) that articulate the following in Sector Schemes documents:

  • Scope, definitions, certification of registration and quality system requirements for companies working in their chosen sector
  • Model requirements for quality plans and reference material applicable to each scheme
  • Training and health and safety requirements for operatives
  • Sample of in-house register, which must be maintained by companies to show their designated operatives
  • Guidelines for inspection
  • List of certification bodies accredited to the sector that is qualified to audit companies
  • Details of the role of certification bodies and auditor qualifications
  • Guidelines and requirements for new entrants wishing to work in the sector

Each National Highway Sector Scheme committee meets two or three times a year. Training sub-committees report to each Sector Scheme committee and ensure all training materials meets current working practices. A liaison committee oversees the Sector Scheme committees to ensure they operate to a common standard.

How and what do Wilbar Associates offer?

Wilbar Associates offer industry-standard training courses and help keep our highways moving. At Wilbar Associates Limited quality is very important to us and we pride ourselves on both the quality of our trainers and the quality of our training courses we deliver.

Wilbar Associates offers the following course within the Sector Schemes:

How are the training and assessments carried out?

The training is provided via PowerPoint presentations with a multiple choice exam at the end to prove competence. The Assessments for the qualifications are carried out by approved assessment centres. Each qualification comprises a number of Units of Competence covering specific work operations. The candidate is separately assessed in individual units until they have met the requirement for a qualification.

The minimum standards of achievement for each of the units of competence have been nationally agreed by a highway sector scheme committee. This working party is also responsible for the design, implementation and operation of the qualification systems.

How are the qualified persons identified?

A Qualifications Register containing details of the qualifications awarded by all awarding bodies is maintained by LANTRA. Each person included in the register is issued with a personal identity card or certificate (depending qualification taken) showing the qualification or qualifications held by that person.